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Kim ran his first rally in the Fall of 1969 while in school in Terre Haute, Indiana. He jumped into Wayne Wiley's 1964 Corvair Fitch Sprint and the duo promptly went out and won a local gimmick rally.

By Fall of 1970 Wiley had convinced him to sit in the right seat of the Fitch for what was called a "stage rally" being held in Gaylord Michigan called Moonlight Monte. That was Kim's first exposure to "co-driving" as we know it today.

He rallied a Datsun 510 through the 1970's and switched to a Saab 99 in 1979 until 1981 when he ran his last performance rally as a driver, the 1981 Press On Regardless.

From 1977 through 1983 he founded and mostly chaired the first rendition of the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in south central Missouri. Kids and careers conspired to close down that event as no succession plan was ever executed and it ran out of steam.

In 1984 he married Margaret and her two daughters, and chose to live a little less recklessly while his girls were growing up. He found his way to the Great American Race world of antique cars going coast-to-coast over two weeks every year. Three times in a 1912 American LaFrance Fire Truck, twice in a 1913 Stutz Bearcat, once in a 1929 Ford Country Fair Racer and three times in a 1921 Paige Pike's Peak Hillclimb car. No sissy roofs or windshields for these guys!

In 2000 with his youngest daughter out of the nest, Kim answered a web plea for a co-driver for Black River Stages for Dan Cook in a Datsun 510. They promptly rolled the car on the third stage, but Kim was re-hooked. He came home and gathered up the old 100 Acre Wood crew (yes, all the same ones) and headed down to Cherokee Trails in 2001 to work the event. Now THEY were re-hooked! In 2002 the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood was back on the calendar and has run successfully ever since. This time the succession plan is working marvelously because Kim no longer chairs it and as a matter of fact competes on it annually.

Rides along the way with Dennis Martin, Paul Dunn, and a PGT Championship with Matthew Johnson brought Kim's co-driving skills up to speed very fast. You can view Kim's rogues gallery of drivers elsewhere on this site, but today he enjoys running at either end of the pack equally comfortable winning PGT at Ojibwe with Heath Nunnemacher or winning Production Class with a brand new driver, Eric Hansen at the New England Forest Rally.

So this is my "rally" website. I'm here to promote the art and science of co-driving. I'm available to co-drive at any level here in the US and Canada. I'm available to mentor other co-drivers as I've had more than my share of experiences in the game over the past 38 seasons. And mostly I'm here to have fun. Life's too short.